Research & Development

Elite’s expert team of culinary artists and food scientists work to deliver a world of flavor and appeal to innovative food products. Their passion for food has inspired creativity and led to a wide range of successful recipes and flavoring systems influencing all segments of the food industry. Our modern Culinary Innovation Center is equipped with the versatility of a high-end commercial kitchen and quick service restaurant. For the objective evaluation of finished product characteristics, Elite maintains in-house sensory facilities. Complete entrees incorporating our seasonings can be prepared in our Culinary Innovation Center for customer evaluation.

With these resources we are continuously exploring new ideas and developing on-trend prototype seasonings and recipes. In addition to new product development, Elite is well known for its exceptional ability to duplicate established seasoning recipes. Finished food products, label declarations and the seasoning components themselves are the basis for product matching.
Product Development Cycle:
  • Ideation
  • Prototyping
  • Evaluation
  • Sample Approval
  • Pilot Trials
  • Commercialization